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This site is a little sparse because I am in the process of turning Duck & Dill Photography into Duck & Dill Co! I will still offer all photography, but under the Duck & Dill Co umbrella, I will also offer graphic design services for weddings and general stationery! Feel free to scroll down this site see some of my past shoots, and make sure to sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when my new site is up and running! As always, thank you for supporting Duck & Dill!

Couple kissing while the sunlight peeks between them.

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Meet the Photographer

Hey! My name is Sidni, and l run Duck & Dill Co.

As a natural artist, creating always has been part of everyday life for me. By trade, I am an illustrator, designer, and photographer. I got a degree from Clemson University in Graphic Communications where I learned how to transfer my illustrations into digital pieces and get them print-ready. Along the way, I took a photography course and fell in love with the mechanics of photo taking and the benefits of natural light. Fast forward to my first jobs where I got to mix all these skills by designing for a screen printing shop, helping build a retail brand, and working alongside a wedding photographer. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from these jobs (and really all of my jobs, art-related or not) that I carry into my own business, but I thankfully get to use them in my own uniquely Sidni way.

What kind of photography do you offer?

First dance at Sleepy Hollow in Clemson, South Carolina.

I started my photography career mainly as a wedding photographer assistant that had some advanced camera knowledge. From there, I kept learning, practicing, and eventually worked my way up to starting my own business. The one thing that didn’t change from then and now is that I have always loved being a part of weddings. I love witnessing the anticipation, the excitement, and the overflow of love that comes with a wedding.


There are a lot of things to celebrate as a couple: engagement, anniversary, a new home, a baby on the way, happy life together! Whether it be a life-changing moment or a chance to remember a particular time in life, these intimate moments are worth documenting.

Couple almost kissing on street in a wooded area.


My philosophy on families is to try and get the photos you “want” but also showcase your family the way they are. That means that if your child or children are having a happy, grumpy, sleepy, bashful, or playful day, your photos will reflect that as well as include a “normal” family photo. As someone who did children’s ministry for over a decade, I loved seeing the full spectrum of kids as they grew into their personhood. I think that someday you will miss those strange bouts of feeling waves that your child has and be glad (or at least laugh) that you have them documented.


Expecting parents reading "I am a big sister" to their daughter.

Let’s Have a Conversation

Above shot of a bride, showcasing her dress.

Whether it be a one hour shoot or a seven-hour wedding day, my process starts the same way: hearing from you! Fill out the form below and let me know how Duck & Dill can work for you!

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