Connor & Emma

MAY 19, 2018

Bride and groom exiting the chapel after their wedding, smiling and laughing.
Beautiful Bride after her wedding ceremony.
Groom lifting up his bride while kissing her cheek .
Bride and groom in front of a bamboo forest, both smiling at the camera.
Groom staring lovingly at his bride while he hugs her.

The best part about shooting Connor and Emma’s wedding was getting to join in with their family to celebrate them. Connor, being a local, had generations of his family still in the area and Emma came from a large family of siblings. Their family, along with their friends, created this wonderfully diverse mix of all ages and backgrounds. Their wedding was also one of the last times their families would be so close together because Connor and Emma were moving to a new city soon after graduation. This sentiment made the entire rehearsal and wedding day feel particularly loving and sentimental as everyone was excited for the future of the Dixons.

Their families aside, Connor and Emma were and are some of the most loving and funny people around. We have so many moments of excitement and goofiness captured in this wedding and even now looking back at their photos to write this piece, I am reminded once again of Emma’s laugh and Connor’s ability to keep a straight face even in the silliest of actions. I’ll just leave these gems down below to give you a little taste of them as a couple.

Groom making a silly face while the wedding planner adjusts his boutonnière.
Excited bride smiling and laughing after first kiss.
Groom being goofy while walking to his next photo location.

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