Bo & Kelly

DECEMBER 8, 2018

Bo and Kelly are also one of those couples have been dating since middle school, so even though they are in their early twenties they have already been dating for almost a decade. They, as individuals, are also very mature so I often forget their age entirely just based off their demeanor and that I think of them as the couple that has “always been together.” Going into their wedding I knew a decent amount about them just based off knowing them through our church, serving and them being local kids, but I realized that I did not fully express the nature of them and their families to my second shooter. This ended up being the best thing I could have accidentally forgotten.

At some point, I had gotten used to them as a couple and used to the ways of their families, so when I sent info to my second shooter I largely only sent her key relationships to capture and the bride and groom’s request of how they wanted to be portrayed. When she arrived, her expectations of them were completely dismantled (in the best way possible). Their love for each other was more established than what is expected of a 22-year-olds and while she could see why I mentioned certain relationships to highlight, all members of their families gushed over them with loving abandonment. Her awe of that day completely opened up my own eyes to see the enchantment of that day. Past the fact that they were friends of ours, past the fact that we knew members of their families, past the fact that they were clients of Duck & Dill, and straight into the beauty that loves found in middle school can change with you into adulthood and well root itself with expectations of hope and a future.

Bride and groom sharing their wedding gifts.
Bride and her bridesmaids at Sleepy Hollow in Clemson, South Carolina.
Groom and his groomsmen at Sleepy Hollow in Clemson, South Carolina.
Wedding ceremony at Sleepy Hollow in Clemson, South Carolina.
First dance at Sleepy Hollow in Clemson, South Carolina.
First dance at Sleepy Hollow in Clemson, South Carolina.

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