Titus & Megan

I first met Megan a few years ago when I did a photoshoot with her family initiated by her older sister (photo reference below) who happened to work at a bakery with my husband. I left that photoshoot⁠ and thought “what a great family!” Little did I know that a few years later we would be living in the same area and she would think of me once again to join her on her big day.

Old family picture of Megan, her siblings, and her mother.

While I have second shot and assisted plenty of weddings in North Carolina, Megan and Titus’ wedding was my first official “Duck & Dill” wedding in North Carolina. For that reason, I am so appreciative that my official break into NC was made with sweet friends. Megan got married in Pineville, North Carolina at The Hut in Pineville, NC on June 4, 2019.   

CLICK HERE Listen to the Titus and Megan Playlist.

Beautiful bride ready for a first look
Details in remembrance of the groom's mother on bride's bouquet.
Bride and groom at the first look.
Bride and groom smiling and laughing.
Bride and groom smiling and laughing.
Cheersing group photo of friends surrounding a bride and groom.

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