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Duck & Dill Photography is led by me, Sidni Dill, and often includes my sweet husband and other friends!

As a natural artist, creating has always part of everyday life for me. I am an illustrator, a designer, and a photographer. I chose to focus on photography because I love being a part of special days, big occasions, and helping you freeze moments in time. (You will honestly still find me doing all three though)

So, why the name “Duck & Dill”?

The history of #DuckandDill starts back in 2014 when my husband (Palmer) and I were just dating and he, being the social media lover that he is, wanted a hashtag to document our story. The only thing about hashtags is that it’s helpful to have nicknames or recognizable last names…he had plenty of both of those and I had neither.

A few weeks after the hashtag conversation Palmer moved into a new apartment. After he had set up his space, I walked into his bathroom and was totally shocked to find only a simple shower curtain and a few shower products in there. Where was the hand towel? The bath mat? At least a hook to hang his one shower towel on the wall instead of on the door! We weren’t in college anymore, he needed to have a bathroom that was welcome to all who visited and simultaneously beneficial in keeping him from slipping and falling. I recommended that he buy hand towels and bath mats for his new bathroom. He explained that he didn’t share the bathroom with any of his roommates, so he would get away fine with his regular towel. I then reminded him that I would be using his bathroom and then recounted a story about how my aunt used to call me a duck growing up because I splashed water all over the bathroom every time I showered, washed my face or even washed my hands. Without a bathmat or a hand towel…I was definitely going to cause one of us to get a concussion from slipping on pooled water in the bathroom.

“#DuckandDill! You are my little Duck and I am Dill”

And that is how Sidni Ramos and Palmer Dill became #DuckandDill and subsequently all the other similar hashtags associated with it (#DuckandDillForever, #DuckandDillinnyc, #DuckandDillinEurope…).

Sometimes love starts with romantic conversations and freshly baked desserts…and then sometimes love starts by yelling excitedly in a bathroom about finding a name that matches the pair of you.

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From South Carolina, but now based in Charlotte.  I serve both Carolinas, mountains and beachside, and love seeing all that our states have to offer.
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I come from a professional graphic design and retail photography background. I’ve worked with a wedding photographer since 2011 as a freelancer. I know photo composition and how to pose folks when the time calls for it.
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The most important thing is to get to know you and find out the best way to capture your moments.