The history of #DuckandDill starts back in 2014 when my husband (Palmer) and I were just dating and he, being the social media lover that he is, wanted a hashtag to document our story. He wanted a hashtag that would account for both of us, the only thing was that I didn’t have a nickname and he had a million, but none of them went well with Sidni (or Sid).

A few weeks after the hashtag conversation Palmer moved into a new apartment I recommended that he buy hand towels and bath mats for his new bathroom. He explained that he didn’t share the bathroom with any of his roommates so he would get away fine with his regular towel. I then recounted to him a story about how my aunt had called me a duck growing up because I splashed water all over the bathroom every time I showered, washed my face or even washed my hands.  

“#DuckandDill! You are my little Duck and I am Dill”

And that is how Sidni Ramos and Palmer Dill became #DuckandDill and subsequently all the other similar hashtags associated with it (#DuckandDillForever, #DuckandDillinnyc, #DuckandDillinEurope…). Sometimes love starts with romantic conversations and freshly baked desserts…and then sometimes love starts by yelling excitedly in a bathroom about finding a name that matches the pair of you.