Alex & Elise

NOVEMBER 3, 2019

Alex and Elise’s wedding held so many unique moments for me. They found out about us through one of their relatives, who went on a mission trip to Kenya with me (4 years prior) and happened to see our post on facebook that we were creating our own photography business.

They were the first couple to nail down their wedding day with us after we officially announced our business and they probably had the least amount of knowledge about us as photographers. What they did know was that they had the referral of a trusted family member and for that, I am forever grateful (your words have power, people!)

The wedding itself was smaller than most but filled with so many friends and family members that clearly loved the bride and groom so much. In attendance were friends that the groom had had since KINDERGARTEN! A banker once called me a unicorn for still having friends from high school, so I recounted to her this wedding and said that some of us are unicorns and then some of us are just better at creating a family. I could shoot a million weddings like this…where you just get swept up into a fun loving and friendly environment filled with so much support.

Bride and groom having their first dance.
Close up of bride and groom having their first dance. Bride is smiling and laughing while groom kisses her cheek.
Bride and groom cutting their wedding cheesecake.
Bride and groom smiling after they have smashed a piece of their wedding cake in each others faces.
Booty dancing and laughing at the reception of a wedding.
Doing the electric slide at the wedding reception.
Group photo at the wedding reception.