Austin & Savannah

NOVEMBER 10, 2018

When you are local to an area you often have a lot of small world moments. That happened to me with Savannah and Austin, because I first met Savannah at one of the wedding festivals we attended but she had known and been working with Palmer for almost four months by that time! I’m not sure that he knew she was engaged at the time, but when he began his job at the Southern Wesleyan University (SWU) post office she worked in the coffee shop right next to him. She made drinks for him often.

This wedding was a fun and an interesting mix of things because they got married on Southern Wesleyan’s campus, which also happens to be Palmer’s alma mater and where his parents work. Though I never attended Southern Wesleyan, I often feel so connected to the school and the campus just because so much of my family has strong memories and ties to the school. That being said, the few things that I did remember about the campus and the chapel, where the ceremony would be, were all different. An outdoor amphitheater had been built next to the chapel, the chapel had been updated to match the other campus buildings, and a nearby road that was always under construction had finally been finished. For all the knowledge I thought I had about the campus, I suddenly found myself having to realistically look at the campus in terms of angles and framing instead of viewing it through a lens of a past I never had. Luckily, SWU has a beautiful campus, but it was a bit of a weird awakening to realize that my ties to the school weren’t really with the school or the grounds but to the people who valued the school.

Dress highlight portrait of a bride and groom.
Smiling bride and groom after their wedding day ceremony.
Celebrating wedding party while the bride and groom kiss.

Alex & Elise

NOVEMBER 3, 2019

Alex and Elise’s wedding held so many unique moments for me. They found out about us through one of their relatives, who went on a mission trip to Kenya with me (4 years prior) and happened to see our post on facebook that we were creating our own photography business.

They were the first couple to nail down their wedding day with us after we officially announced our business and they probably had the least amount of knowledge about us as photographers. What they did know was that they had the referral of a trusted family member and for that, I am forever grateful (your words have power, people!)

The wedding itself was smaller than most but filled with so many friends and family members that clearly loved the bride and groom so much. In attendance were friends that the groom had had since KINDERGARTEN! A banker once called me a unicorn for still having friends from high school, so I recounted to her this wedding and said that some of us are unicorns and then some of us are just better at creating a family. I could shoot a million weddings like this…where you just get swept up into a fun loving and friendly environment filled with so much support.

Bride and groom having their first dance.
Close up of bride and groom having their first dance. Bride is smiling and laughing while groom kisses her cheek.
Bride and groom cutting their wedding cheesecake.
Bride and groom smiling after they have smashed a piece of their wedding cake in each others faces.
Booty dancing and laughing at the reception of a wedding.
Doing the electric slide at the wedding reception.
Group photo at the wedding reception.

Jason & Kelly

SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

Kelly initially found us at a wedding festival in Anderson, SC but wasn’t able to talk to us until our following wedding festival in Greenville, SC. I’m not sure what drew her to us at the first festival where she wasn’t able to speak to us, but I am so grateful that she made a point of finding us at the second and hired us to shoot their wedding.

As people, Jason and Kelly are laid back and they so easily welcomed us into many of their intimate moments on their wedding day. As photographers, there were so many fun moments and such freedom in their wedding preferences that it was such an easy wedding to shoot because every moment felt like we were joining our own friends on their wedding day. Cheers to having clients that make work feel like fun and love feel endless.

Bride and Groom about to kiss for the first time as a married couple.
Bride and groom walking away as an official married couple.
Bride and groom kissing in the middle of a muscadine vine.
Bride and groom eskimo kissing after their ceremony.
Bride looking at camera while groom hugs her and looks at his bride.

Enrique & Erin

AUGUST 8, 2019

Close up shots of bride and groom's hands, highlighting their wedding bands.
Bride Smiling at camera.
Bride and groom smiling at each other after their wedding day.

When I first asked Enrique and Erin about how they met, they told me that they met online. I, like I’m sure many of you, also know plenty of people that have met online. I heard this answer, fully accepted it and went onto my next question. What I later found out, is that their online medium wasn’t Bumble, Match, or any of those mainstream matchmaking sites…it was online video gaming. They met through the game, created a friendship online, which led to a spark of a relationship online, and eventually met in person to stir up that spark into a full relationship. Oh, and did I mention that they didn’t live in the same city, state, or country? He was in Puerto Rico and she was South Carolina, and yet their friendship bloomed into a relationship that so lovingly shines through them and each of their parents. I always find myself mind blown by technology and the way it connects people, but I have never personally been witness to these stories so I found this whole wedding so unique and so wonderful.

Floral arrangement and table marker detail shot.

Close up shot of a piece of cake after the bride and groom have cut a slice.
Couple laughing and smiling after they've cut a piece of their wedding cake.