The Eaton Family

About a mile from where we lived back in Pendleton, SC was a cute little wine bar in the town square. Palmer and I frequented this spot, but also he would sometimes play guitar and sing there on the weekends or on special events. It was at one of his performances there that we met the Eaton family and specifically little Adeline who, though she was quite shy, was always the first one to get up and dance.

Fast forward a few months and Jennifer Eaton (mom) and I joined the wine bar book club where we read some really great and some really bad books, all while sipping down some delicious wine. We were often the only two that showed up regularly to our club, so we quickly went from just book club friends to real friends. Now that we’ve moved I still miss those once a month meetups to chat books and life with chilled rose, but I’m glad I was able to take a snapshot of their lives on my last swing through Pendleton.

Family walking and laughing.
Close up of young daughter smiling while walking with her parents.
Family laughing and smiling.
Family cuddling in Pendleton, SC.
Mother and daughter laughing and smiling.
Father daughter picture with the Eatons.

The Reif Family

Part family shoot, part maternity shoot, all Reif family. In the weird cycle of life, I actually met and created a relationship with the littlest Reif member first. I lead a class at church that was largely playtime because it was for kids that stayed for two services, and that is how I grew to know and love little Kami. Kami is one of those special little children that is super cuddly, plays well with others in a variety of games, and will offer to help you clean up someone else’s mess. I’m glad to have been a part of documenting an exciting time for such a kind family.

Expecting parents reading "I am a big sister" to their daughter.
Maternity shot of a husband and wife holding each other and smiling.
Expecting mom gazing at her husband lovingly.
Mother and father walking and swinging young daughter between them.
Mother showing off her baby bump while young daughter checks her own belly.
Young daughter hugging her mother's pregnant stomach.