Austin & Savannah

NOVEMBER 10, 2018

When you are local to an area you often have a lot of small world moments. That happened to me with Savannah and Austin, because I first met Savannah at one of the wedding festivals we attended but she had known and been working with Palmer for almost four months by that time! I’m not sure that he knew she was engaged at the time, but when he began his job at the Southern Wesleyan University (SWU) post office she worked in the coffee shop right next to him. She made drinks for him often.

This wedding was a fun and an interesting mix of things because they got married on Southern Wesleyan’s campus, which also happens to be Palmer’s alma mater and where his parents work. Though I never attended Southern Wesleyan, I often feel so connected to the school and the campus just because so much of my family has strong memories and ties to the school. That being said, the few things that I did remember about the campus and the chapel, where the ceremony would be, were all different. An outdoor amphitheater had been built next to the chapel, the chapel had been updated to match the other campus buildings, and a nearby road that was always under construction had finally been finished. For all the knowledge I thought I had about the campus, I suddenly found myself having to realistically look at the campus in terms of angles and framing instead of viewing it through a lens of a past I never had. Luckily, SWU has a beautiful campus, but it was a bit of a weird awakening to realize that my ties to the school weren’t really with the school or the grounds but to the people who valued the school.

Dress highlight portrait of a bride and groom.
Smiling bride and groom after their wedding day ceremony.
Celebrating wedding party while the bride and groom kiss.